Become a professional dog trainer

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Become a professional, expert dog trainer – we provide you with all necessary knowledge and skills

With a course duration of 12 months, our “Dog trainer@home” training course is designed so that on completion you will be a professional dog trainer with the expertise and the necessary tools to lead a human-dog team. You want to open your own dog school after completing the training? No problem! We’ll show you how to do that and we’ll provide you with the necessary expertise.

Dogtrainer@home – a proven training concept

Through close cooperation with the responsible authorities and ministries, we have succeeded in offering a concept for a well-structured training for dog trainers. Our Dog trainer@home training course is scientifically sound and absolutely up to date. We move with the times and teach only modern, species-appropriate dog training supported by established knowledge from scientific and ethological findings and decades of experience. You won’t find questionable theories and training methods from times gone by, nor antiquated, outdated or musty old training notes.

Learning with a system

We provide you with theoretical knowledge based on our extensive high-quality course materials. We guide you through the individual topics in a structured, understandable and easy-to-remember manner.

The flexible system of time management employed enables you to easily integrate the course in your everyday routine. As a result, you can still pursue your very personal desire for high-quality basic and advanced training despite your many professional and private obligations – without sacrificing quality.

Teaching materials  

We place great importance on currency and quality – including for our training materials

Our training materials are constantly adapted to reflect the latest scientific findings. They are reader and user-friendly and extremely well-structured to enable you to study target-oriented and with great learning success from your home using these documents without any prior knowledge.

Structure of your training materials

The teaching materials are structured in 12 lessons. Each lesson is divided into three to five chapters and comprises a total of 80 to 120 A4 pages which we make available to you as a protected pdf document for downloading. The lessons contain not only easy-to-understand descriptions, but also easily-remembered graphics, drawings, memory aids and information boxes. The quiz for each chapter enables you to personally monitor your learning progress and can be repeated as often as you like. We also offer a trial lesson so you can have a look at the course.

 You have questions? Then please feel free to contact us: send us a message.

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